Sam Robinson Memorial RR

In memory of the late Sam Robinson, the Sam Robinson Trophy has been created for open annual competition in the Memorial Road Race.


The 45th Edition of the race took place on Sunday, 7th July. Start 10:30am, Balfron High School, G63 0PW.

Photograph by Cycle Photography Scotland


The 44th Edition of the race took place on Sunday, 8th July. Start 10:30am, Balfron High School, G63 0PW.

Words by Stuart Rae and photographs by Cycle Photography Scotland

The 44th Edition of The Sam Robinson Memorial Road Race saw a field of sixty one riders tackle one of the toughest – if not the toughest – routes that this classic race has ever followed in its long history. A total distance of 70 miles taking in some formidable climbs, The Dukes Pass, The Braes O’ Greenock, and the Crow Road. The race rolled out in warm, slightly overcast conditions with just enough of a breeze to keep the riders from overheating. That said, the breeze did stiffen up at times during the race to become an unwelcome headwind.

The field rose to the challenge with one brave rider ‘going for it from the gun’. A twelve second gap was established by the time the race reached Buchlyvie and extended to 26 seconds at Arnprior. Although the field was starting to string out, the lone breakaway rider was brought back to the fold by the time the race reached the Port of Menteith.

Mechanicals, punctures, and riders being dropped punctuated the early stages of the race but another break came 25 minutes into the proceedings when Martin Lonie (Nuun-Sigma Sports London) and Greg O’Malley (Glasgow Couriers) made a move and increased a 14 second gap to 20 seconds as the race approached the first of the three major climbs – The Dukes Pass.

A third rider joined the breakaway establishing a gap of 1:03 as the race reached the turn at Loch Katrine but the breakaway reverted to a two man break when Martin Lonie dropped back to the chasing group. The gap increased to 1:30 but came back down to a minute with 23 miles ridden. A further two riders came off the front of the chasing bunch but couldn’t quite bridge the gap to the two man breakaway and had to be content with a 15 second gap as the field approached the Invertrossachs Road.

The riders gratefully received bidons as the race made its way up the Braes O’ Greenock, and at the top of the Braes the format had become two riders being chased by a group of four with a 48 second gap back to the bunch. At the right hand turn at the bottom of the braes the format remained the same, two riders being chased by a group of four, but the gap back to the main field had increased to 58 seconds. The group of four riders eventually caught the two riders at the Port of Menteith.

This group of six consisted of Ross Clark, Alastair McNicol, Ben Norris, (all Dooley’s Cycles), Philip Trodden (The Racers),Thomas Gelati (Bioracer Project GO), and Andrew Bruce (Leslie Bike Shop/ Biker’s Boutique) The group set about their task of working together to consolidate their advantage, edging it up to 61 seconds and stretching it to 2:36 by the time they went through the Rob Roy Roundabout and further still to 3:00 as they approached Flanders Moss.

Whether the main bunch realised it themselves or heard a shout from a spectator regarding the increasing time gap there was a reaction and the deficit was reduced to 1:54 at the Blane Smiddy Roundabout. The bunch continued to work to reduce the leeway getting it down to 1:38 by the turn into Campsie Glen at the Kirkhouse, and down to 1:20 by the bottom of the Crow Road, The riders had now covered 56 miles.

Although the group of 6 riders had stayed away since the Port of Menteith they became aware of a group of five riders looking to bridge the gap to them as the field started the ascent of the final big climb of the day. This prompted Phil Trodden to make his move with Ross Clark quick to react to it, both riders getting away and quickly building a gap of 25 seconds.

Both riders worked together to make the most of the descent of the Crow road into Fintry and on to the finish in Boquhan The move had been a decisive one with the chasers unable to catch them so allowing Clark and Trodden to decide the outcome of the race with the Dooley’s Rider edging it in an exciting sprint finish.

David Fickling, Glasgow Nightingale Race Secretary, would like to thank all the entrants for the spirit and commitment shown in such a demanding race. He would also like to thank the Commissaires, NEG Riders, and all the ‘Gale members for their efforts on the course and at Race H.Q.




Ascending the Duke’s Pass
A storming win for Ross Clark
The Podium. L to R. Phil Trodden, Ross Clark, Neil Scott



The 43rd edition of the race was organised on July 1st, 2017, by David and Andrew Fickling and incorporated the traditional climbs, for this event, of the Duke’s Pass and the Braes of Greenock. For the first time in the race’s history the run into the finish included an ascent of the Crow Road. Overall distance was 75 miles with 4633 feet of climbing.


Pos’n: Name: Club: Race No.:
1. Ryan Fenwick Dooleys Cycles RT 24
2. Gary Hand Unattached 35
3. Gavin Dempster Moray Firth CC 19
4. Neil Scott Deeside Thistle 72
5. Lewis Oliphant Velo Club Edinburgh 66
6. Malcolm Bain Granite City RT 6
7. Charles Fletcher Cairngorm CC 26
8. Euan Sutherland GCT 74
9. Tim Mackley Deeside Thistle 49
10. Kenny Riddle Moray Firth CC 70
11. David Dalziel Glasgow Nightingale CC 16
12. Ian McDermott Glasgow Nightingale CC 57
13. Greig Brown Pro Vision 9
14. Walter Hamilton Velo Club Edinburgh 34
15. Cedric Sachet Johnstone Wheelers 80
16. Struan Pryde HMT w/JLT Condor 81
17. Danny Hedley RT23 37
18. Alan Dean ERC 17
19. Lewis Gray ERC 31
20. Scott Newman Glasgow Couriers 64
21. Dave Reed Granite City RT 69
22. Jamie Kennedy GTR 45
23. Sean Delaney Deeside Thistle 18
24. Daniel Cain Billy Bilsland 12
25. Sean Stead Glasgow Nightingale CC 73
26. Andrew Hale GJS Cruise Racing 33
27. Murray Ferguson Falkirk 25
28. Calum Johnstone ERC 42
29. Andrew Merry Discovery Junior CT 60
30. Steven Currie Glasgow Ivy CC 17
31. Alan Maxwell Pedal Power 54
32. Donald MacRury Moray Firth CC 51
33. Andy Auld Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique 5
34. George Roberts Icarus 71
35. Ali Fowler Glasgow Nightingale CC 27
36. Gary MacDonald Hope Factory RT 48
37. Craig McCulloch 56
38. John Gartland GJS Cruise Racing 29
39. Paul Evans 23
40. Brian Marsland LRCC 52
41. Richie Provan Glasgow Couriers 68
42. Craig Adams Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique 1
43. David Griffiths Pro Vision 79
44. Scott Johnson 83
45. Sean Botha Glasgow Ivy CC 8
46. Ross Clark Dooleys Cycles RT 13
47. Robert Jenkins Perth United 40
48. Michael Burke Glasgow Ivy CC 11
49. Calum Grey 32
50. Ewan Murray GGCC 62
51. Paul Welsh Glasgow Ivy CC 77
52. Greg O’Malley Glasgow Couriers 65
53. Martin Edgar LRCC 22
1st U23 Euan Sutherland Glasgow Cycle Team
2nd U23 Danny Hedley RT23
1st U18 Struan Pryde HMT w/JLT Condor
2nd U18 Lewis Gray ERC
KOM Duke’s Pass Ryan Fenwick Dooleys Cycles RT
KOM Crow Road Ryan Fenwick Dooleys Cycles RT

Past winners of the race are listed below….

1975 1st Sam Robinson Memorial RR M. Laing Perth United CC

1976 2nd Sam Robinson Memorial RR G. Nisbet Roiseal CRT

1977 3rd Sam Robinson Memorial RR D. Mitchell Glasgow Nightingale CC

1978 4th Sam Robinson Memorial RR D. Miller Douglas CC

1979 5th Sam Robinson Memorial RR J. McGahan Glasgow Wheelers

1980 6th Sam Robinson Memorial RR W. Gibb Regent / Connor CC

1981 7th Sam Robinson Memorial RR R. Stewart Aberdeen Wheelers

1982 8th Sam Robinson Memorial RR D. Whitehall Regent / Connor CC

1983 9th Sam Robinson Memorial RR A. Ferry Scotia CC

1984 10th Sam Robinson Memorial RR W. Gibb Johnstone Wheelers

1985 11th Sam Robinson Memorial RR W. Gibb Johnstone Wheelers

1986 12th Sam Robinson Memorial RR R. Melrose Johnstone Wheelers

1987 13th Sam Robinson Memorial RR A. Ferry Scotia CC

1988 14th Sam Robinson Memorial RR D. Finlayson Cromarty Firth CC

1989 15th Sam Robinson Memorial RR D. Riddle Moray Firth CC

1990 16th Sam Robinson Memorial RR G. McGarrity GS Modena

1991 17th Sam Robinson Memorial RR A. Young Glenmarnock Wheelers

1992 18th Sam Robinson Memorial RR A. Young Glenmarnock Wheelers

1993 19th Sam Robinson Memorial RR K. Mailor Moray Firth CC

1994 20th Sam Robinson Memorial RR K. Mailor Velo RT

1995 21st Sam Robinson Memorial RR R. Jolly Deeside Thistle

1996 22nd Sam Robinson Memorial RR D. Miller VC Astar

1997 23rd Sam Robinson Memorial RR B. Smith BCF (Private)

1998 24th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Gary Paterson Clarke Contracts RT
2 Drew Wilson
3 Richard Moore
4 Brian Smith
5 Neil Brown
6 Paul Rennie
7 Bill Hart
8 Peter Murdoch
9 Andrew Matheson
10 Gordon Murdoch

1999 25th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Gregg Imlah Wallacehill CC
2 Richard Moore
3 Tim Allan
4 Philip Brown
5 Andrew Matheson
6 Liam Hassan
7 John Hunter
8 Graham Brown
9 Neil Walker
10 Jonathan Muir

2000 26th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Neil Brown Deeside Thistle
2 John Fettis
3 Peter Murdoch
4 Roderick Riddle
5 James Murdoch
6 Callum MacGregor
7 Graham Moore
8 Stephen Couper
9 Willie Gibb
10 James McManus

2001 27th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Tim Allen Kingdom RT
2 Gordon Murdoch
3 Philip Brown
4 Adrian Murphy
5 Tony Hastie
6 Craig Gilmour
7 Graham Mcgarrity
8 Bryan Russell
9 Prasad Prasad
10 Keith Smith

2002 28th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Neil Cameron Deeside Thistle
2 Andrew Young
3 Gordon Murdoch
4 Stuart MacGregor
5 John Charlesworth
6 Stephen Couper
7 David Murdoch
8 Bryan Russell
9 Stephen Gibson
10 Philip Brown

2003 29th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 James Murdoch Wallacehill CC
2 Graham McGarrity
3 Evan Oliphant
4 Tim Allan
5 Ross Muir
6 John Stollery
7 Craig Gilmour
8 Callum MacGregor
9 Jason Macintyre
10 Hamish Hutchinson

2004 30th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Evan Oliphant Velo Ecosse
2 Callum MacGregor
3 Steven Kenny
4 Paul Rennie
5 Bryan Russell
6 James Cusick
7 Richard Garrett
8 Lee Whitelaw
9 Alister Watt
10 Tom Anderson

2005 31st Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Evan Oliphant X-power 3.25.41
2 Steve Kenny
3 Rob Palmer
4 Stuart McGregor
5 Gordon Murdoch
6 Phil Brown
7 C. McGregor
8 N. Cameron
9 B. Russell
10 Sean Newington

2006 32nd Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Jason McIntyre Velo Ecosse
2 John McArthy
3 Graham McGarrity
4 Bryan Pool
5 Phil Brown
6 Ray Wilson
7 Ian Taylor
8. Gordon Murdoch
9 Lee Whitelaw
10 Stephen Cassels

2007 33rd Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Gordon Murdoch East Kilbride RC
2 Stuart MacGregor
3 Jack Woodward
4 Paul Coats
5 Ian Taylor
6 Ray Wilson (KoM)
7 Philip Brown
8 Alister Watt
9 Jon Kelly
10 Steven Ward

2008 34th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Gary Hand RT
2 Chris Thomson
3 Graeme McGarrity
4 Gordon Murdoch
5 Philip Brown
6 Arthur Doyle
7 Scott MacRae
8 Callum Wilkinson
9 Stuart McManus
10 Rab Wardell

2009 35th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 22 James McCallum ENDURA racing 03:28:13
2 70 Ross Creber
3 66 Alastair Kay
4 72 Ashley Finn
5 73 Martin Ford
6 42 Watt Alistere
7 21 Gordon Murdoch
8 63 Oliphant Lewis
9 9 Arthur Doyle
10 58 Robin Wilkins

2010 36th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Evan Oliphant Endura Racing 02:40:24
2 Robin Wilkins Stirling Bike club 38
3 David Lines Endura Racing 03:34
4 Robert Hassan Glasgow Wheelers same time
5 Alex Coutts Giant Asia Racing Team same time
6 David Smith Glasgow Wheelers 03:44
7 Ross Creber Endura Racing same time
8 Scott Macrae Team Leslie Bike Shop same time
9 Craig Adams Falkirk Bicycle Club 03:50
10 Dougie Young Glasgow Wheelers 05:01

2011 37th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Ben Greenwood Rapha Condor Sharp 1 3:15:57
2 James McCallum Rapha Condor Sharp Elite 6
3 Robert Hassan Endura/Pedal Power Development 1 22
4 Matthew MacDonald 2 1:11
5 Arthur Doyle Dooleys Cycles RT 2 same time
6 Robin Wilkins Equipe Velo Ecosse / Montpellie 1 1:15
7 Eddie Addis Equippe Velo Ecosse/Montpellier 2 3:07
8 Gordon Murdoch team cyclelane 2 3:17
9 Gary Hand Endura/Pedalpower development t 1 3:23
10 Phil Brown Equippe Velo Ecosse/Montpellier 3 3:53

2012 38th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Simon Baxter         Herbalife Leisure Lakes
2 Edward Addis         Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers
3 Gary Hand             Pedal Power/Endura/Forme Racing
4 Mathew Macdonald  Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers
5 Richard McDonald
6 Grant Ferguson       Boardman Elite
7 Andrew Whitehall    Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpelliers
8 Keith Laird             Glasgow Couriers
9 Scott McCrossan      Rock to Roll Cycles Ltd.
10 Craig Wallace        Granite City RT

2013 39th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1.  Steven Lawley       Herbalife Leisure Lakes
2.  Gary Hand            Herbalife Leisure Lakes
3.  Andrew Whitehall   Equipe Velo Ecosse/Montpeliers
4.  Craig Wallace        Granite City RT
5.  Andrew Hawdon    Herbalife Leisure Lakes
6.  Stuart McCluskey
7.  David Griffiths       Glasgow Wheelers
8.  Peter Murdoch       Paisley Velo Race Team
9.  Bradley Stokes      Pedal Power RT
10.Duncan Ewing

2014 40th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1.  Alastair McNicol
2.  Jason Roberts    Glasgow Wheelers
3.  Kenneth Riddle   Moray Firth Cycling Club
4.  Andrew Hale      Speg – Project 51
5.  Bradley Stokes   Pedal Power RT
6.  Ruari Yeoman    East Kilbride Road Club
7.  Brian Widdison   Moray Firth Cycling Club
8.  Ryan Fenwick     Rigmar Racers
9.  John Gartland     GJS Cruise Racing
10.Ross Dymock      Glasgow Green Cycling Club
2015 41st Sam Robinson Memorial RR
1.  John Archibald      Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
2.  Grant Martin         Spokes Racing Team
3.  Neil Scott             Dundee Thistle RC
4.  Richard McDonald  Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
5.  Gavin Dempster    Glasgow Green Cycle Club
6.  Alan Dean            Edinburgh RC
7.  Alastair McNicol
8.  Tim Blathwayt       Velo Club Edinburgh
9.  David Reed           Granite City RT
10.Gavin Shuttleworth Project 51

2016 42nd Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1   Alexander Foster      Bikehaus by Ridley
2.  Andy Brown            Glasgow Cycle Team
3.  Robert Friel             Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
4.  Wilson Renwick        Parentini Test Team
5.  Matthias Barnet       Spokes Racing Team
6.  Richard McDonald    Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
7.  Walter Hamilton      Veloclub Edinburgh
 8. Alistair Merry
9.  Danny Mulholland    Pro Vision Cycle Clothing
10.Lewis Oliphant         Veloclub Edinburgh

2017 43rd Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1   Ryan Fenwick          Dooleys Cycles
2.  Gary Hand                Unattached
3.  Gavin Dempster      Moray Firth CC
4.  Neil Scott                 Deeside Thistle
5.  Lewis Oliphant        Velo Club Edinburgh
6.  Malcolm Bain           Granite City RT
7.  Charles Fletcher      Cairngorm CC
8.  Euan Sutherland      GCT
9.  Tim Mackley             Deeside Thistle
10.Kenny Riddle            Moray Firth CC

2018 44th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1   Ross Clark                 Dooleys Cycles
2.  Philip Trodden         The Racers
3.  Neil Scott                 Deeside Thistle
4.  Lewis Oliphant        Velo Club Edinburgh
5.  Andrew Bruce         Leslie Bike Shop/Bikers Boutique
6.  David Duggan
7.  Thomas Gelati         Bioracer-Project GO
8.  Aidan Quinn             Dooleys Cycles
9.  David Lines               Wheelbase Castelli MGD
10.Gary MacDonald      Nevis Cycles Racing Team

2019 45th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1   Cedric Sachet          Johnstone Wheelers CC
2.  Tom Merry               Edinburgh University CC
3.  Tim Shoreman        Bioracer-Moriarty Bikes
4.  David Griffiths        Bioracer-Moriarty Bikes
5.  Calum Johnston     Zappi Racing Team
6.  Tim Blathwayt         Veloclub Edinburgh
7.  Malcolm Bain          Granite City RT
8.  Michael Gordon      Aberdeen Wheelers
9.  Michael Burke         Glasgow Ivy CC
10.Alastair McNicol     Dooleys Cycles
2020  Cancelled due to Covid Lockdown
2021  Cancelled due to Covid Lockdown
2022 46th Sam Robinson Memorial RR

1 Matti Dobbins              Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
2 Logan Maclean            Wheelbase CabTech Castelli
3 Joe Shillabeer               05-03
4 Louis Moore                 Vanelli-Project Go
5 Gregor McArthur        The Cycling Academy
6 George Skinner            Primera-TeamJobs
7 Ciaran Mc Sherry        The Cycling Academy
8 Alexander MacRae      Unattached
9 Aaron King                   RT23
10 Lee Rosie                     Spokes Racing Team