Oldies 2019

Jim Robinson writes:

John Clark
John was a popular and active member of the Club, well-remembered by the Oldies of his time. He was a member from 1962 to 1971 and was Club Champion in 1964. We lost touch with him when he moved south and have now been informed by his daughter of his death last week at the age of 74. Like many members from that era he obviously had fond memories of his time with the Club and his daughter, Monica, sent us some photographs and a Club handbook which he had kept.

The photographs are shown below along with a couple from the Club’s own archive.


Jim Robinson writes:

As of now, 16 Oldies have signed up for our return to Jessie Mac’s in Birnam in May (13th-18th).   Furthest travelled is George McBean who is flying in from Australia but the others are from various far-flung corners of Scotland and England.  A modicum of pedal turning is envisaged, some of it aided by ‘mechanical doping’.  After all, how else can 70 and 80 year old’s get up hills?


Jim Robinson writes:

John Mortimer
John is, I would think. the oldest former member that we are aware of.  At 92 he is still hale and hearty (more or less) and recently sent me a photograph of members and their wives taken at a Club Presentation in the early 1950s.  From the left – Hugh Mitchell, John Mortimer, Davie Wallace, Andy Nolan (below), Hugh Hart and Sam Robinson.  Sadly, only Hugh and John are still with us.